Custom Design
Can’t find the jewelry you are looking for? Need to get a unique piece of jewelry custom designed for yourself or for a loved one? Concierge Jewelry Repair can do it for you! Call us or schedule an appointment with us at your preferred location, be it your home, your office or any other place of your choice. We will come there to discuss and design it as per your requirements and will bring the finished product to you at the place of your choice. Get your jewelry custom designed from the comfort of your home.

Concierge Jewelry Repair services in and areas near Houston, Bellaire, Stafford, and Sugar Land.
*Click on the images to view CAD files
Custom Jewelry-Rings-23
Custom Jewelry-Rings-22
Custom Jewelry-Rings-21
Custom Jewelry-Rings-20
Custom Jewelry-Rings-18
Custom Jewelry-Rings-17
Custom Jewelry-Rings-16
Custom Jewelry-Rings-15
Custom Jewelry-Rings-14
Custom Jewelry-Rings-13
Custom Jewelry-Rings-12
Custom Jewelry-Rings-11
Custom Jewelry-Rings-10
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-9
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-8
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-7
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-6
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-5
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-4
Custom Jewelry-Earrings-3
Custom Jewelry-Cufflinks-2
Custom Jewelry-Pendants-1